Welcome to the Halas & Batchelor Collection the archive of what was for over 50 years, the largest and most influential animation studio in Western Europe. From small beginnings in 1940, they made over 2000 films and earned an international reputation for fine animation extending the medium to explain complex ideas with clarity and humour.

This site aims to be an introduction to their work, commemorating the artists and technicians who worked in the studio, and recording their achievement.

The Halas & Batchelor Collection exists to preserve and promote an extraordinary body of work that witnesses the social and style changes of half a century.

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Animal Farm (1954/5)

Britain's first full-length animated entertainment feature, Animal Farm captures the spirit of Orwell's timeless political fable with compassion. It has become today more relevant than ever.

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The Halas and Batchelor short film collection 18 of the best award-winning shorts, remastered and regraded on HD.
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The 70th anniversary edition of Animal Farm illustrated by Joy Batchelor and John Halas.
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