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Max & Moritz

Wilhelm Busch's naughty comic strip kids brought to life. This series recounts the pranks of these two incorrigible rascals.

Hans Huckebein

More fables based on the adventures of Huck the crafty crow by Wilhelm Busch.
In German.

Classic Fairy Tales

Six films based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson.
In German.

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Animal Farm

Halas & Batchelor's best loved feature on George Orwell's famous satiric fable.
It stands out as an animation classic and remains both fresh and relevant.


Also available on Blue Ray

Tales from Hoffnung

A world of rich humour and musical fantasy from Gerald Hoffnung.



Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta made with the co-operation of the D'Oyle Carte Opera Company.

Le Best of 'So British'

A two-DVD pack with Tales of Hoffnung and Ruddigore and 18 of the studio's best short films chosen by Halas & Batchelor's French distributor. In English and French.


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The Halas & Batchelor short film collection

New from Network Distributing

Short films
Magic Canvas (1948)
Flying Free (1980)
The Owl and the Pussycat (1952)
The Figurehead (1953)
The History of the Cinema (1957)
FooFoo The Stowaway (1960)
HabaTales (1960)
Snip and Snap: Top Dogs (1960)
Hamilton the Musical Elephant (1961)
Automania 2000 (1963)
DoDo the kid from outer space: The Kidnapped Kid (1964)
The Symphony Orchestra (1964)
Flow Diagram (1966)
The Question (1967)
Children and Cars (1971)
Butterfly Ball (1974)
Autobahn (1979)
Dilemma (1981)


Special features
John Halas Remembered (2015)
Ode to Joy: A Life in Animation (2014)
The Cultured Ape (1980) colourised version
Clapperboard: The Halas & Batchelor Story
An Animated Utopia (2012)



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