2019 is already is proving to be a great year for animation and Halas & Batchelor, if not for anything else!

22 years after taking over Halas & Batchelor I have managed to buy out the world rights to Animal Farm 1954 from deRochemont Films Inc. This is a good time to celebrate and to let everyone know that the film is OURS and not in any way, shape or form part of the public domain!

In France Malavia will be re-mastering a new celebratory Blue Ray DVD of Animal Farm with all kinds of extra bonus material.

We plan to take part in a major new arts festival 'Insiders/ Outsiders' celebrating the contribution to British culture of refugees from Nazi dominated Europe. More information to come.


10 and 15 June

Annecy, France

Part of the celebration of the life works of Roger Mainwood the festival in Annecy will be screening  

Autobahn 1979

Bonlieu, Petite Salle

05 July

Automania 2000 in the Netherlands  

Automania 2000 is being shown as part of a micro animation festival
in the Kloosterkino in Nijmegan, the oldest city in the Netherlands.

19 to 28 July

Animal Farm in Rumania

Histories and films in Transylvania Festivaluli de Film si Istorii Rasnov (FFIR) are screening Animal Farm as part of their program celebrating 'liberty'  



Autobahn 1979

Roger Mainwood 1979

Automania 2000, 1963

Animal Farm 1954